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Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution [AI-100]


Duration: 3 Days


This is a new course announced by Microsoft. During this course, candidates can analyze requirements for Cloud-based AI solutions and hybrid AI solutions, recommends appropriate tools and technologies and implements solutions that meet scalability and performance requirements. Candidates after taking this training will gain knowledge on various components that make up the Microsoft Azure AI portfolio, related open-source frameworks and technologies and available data storage options. This course is also for Azure AI Engineers who use Cognitive Services, Machine Learning and Knowledge Mining to architect and implement Microsoft AI solutions involving natural language processing, speech, computer vision, bots and agents to build AI solutions. Why do you need to attend this course?
  • Through Machine Learning, business make smarter data-driven decisions
  • Machine Learning is the hottest career path of the 21st century
  • To learn about Azure machine learning services
  • To be
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  • To build an AI solutions on Azure
  • To learn about various Azure Machine Learning services. It’s usage & integration.
  • To understand the profound impacts how Machine Learning is making in smart business decisions
  • To deploy AI solutions in Azure

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals working in various industries who wants to formally get the fundamental understanding of Azure Machine Learning
  • Enthusiasts who want to keep pace with the changing technologies


  • Basic knowledge of Cloud platform: Microsoft Azure
  • Basic understanding of Machine Learning
  • Basics of statistics, data ethics and data privacy
  • Some IT industry work experience or those pursuing a degree in the IT field
  • Basic understanding of Azure Storage Technologies
  • Should have C# Knowledge
  • Strong learning acumen

Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing Azure Cognitive Services

  • Overview of Azure Cognitive Services
  • Creating a Cognitive Service on the Azure Portal
  • Access and Test a Cognitive Service

Module 2: Creating Bots

  • Introducing the Bot Service
  • Creating a Basic Chat Bot
  • Testing with the Bot Emulator

Module 3: Enhancing Bots with QnA Maker

  • Introducing QnA Maker
  • Implement a Knowledge Base with QnA Maker
  • Integrate QnA with a Bot

Module 4: Learn How to Create Language Understanding Functionality with LUIS

  • Introducing Language Understanding
  • Create a new LUIS Service
  • Build Language Understanding with Intents and Utterances

Module 5: Enhancing Your Bots with LUIS

  • Overview of language understanding for AI applications
  • Integrate LUIS and Bot to create an AI-based solution

Module 6: Integrate Cognitive Services with Bots and Agents

  • Understand Cognitive Services for Bot Interactions
  • Perform Sentiment Analysis for your Bot with Text Analytics
  • Detect Language in a Bot with the Language Cognitive Services
  • Integrate Computer Vision with Bots

About the Trainer

A Certified Microsoft Azure Trainer

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